The Big Foody Food Tours Favourite Cheese Tips

The Big Foody Food Tours Favourite Cheese Tips
We at the Big Foody Food Tours have come up with our favourite Cheese Tips; from the best way to store cheese, to our favourite ways of adding flavour to dishes. Read below or join us on one of our Big Foody Food Tours.
The best way to store cheese – wrap it in waxed paper & pop it in a ziplock bag or loosely wrap it in glad-wrap and put it in the refrigerator vegetable drawer.
Got blue / green mould growing on your hard cheeses? Cut off 1/2cm to 1cm below the mould and the rest is good to use.
Cheese gone a bit hard? Don’t throw it out! Simply use it to grate over pizza or pasta.
Don’t toss out the rind of Parmesan cheese, pop it into your soups, risottos, and chilli’s for extra flavour. Or our favourite bake it in the oven at 180 for 20 mins on greaseproof paper and turn it into parmesan crackling. Perfect through salads or whizzed into a powder to add to baking.
To cut those super soft, delicate cheeses into perfect pieces, try cutting them using unflavoured dental floss – no more mess!
Keep cheese from sticking to your grater by giving it a spritz with some oil spray and always grate your cheese when it is cold.
Join us on one of our Big Foody Food Tours to taste a selection of delicious local cheese and ask our Cheese-mongers plenty of questions and for any more tips that they may have.

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