International Burger Day NZ 2024

Happy International Burger Day

Burgers – the quintessential comfort food that unites taste buds around the world. 

Here in NZ on International Burger Day, we’ve been doing just that.  Our team around the country has been delving into the festivities to join in the celebration of the universal fast food. 

Down in Dunedin Ross was there with a trusty Burger Fuel! Burger Fuel is a household name in NZ. Who would have thought one shop in Ponsonby Road would trigger a global brand with outlets in the Emirates and USA. These were the guys that introduced us to the likes of the Bacon Backfire and Burnout burgers and got me hooked on Kumara fries. They introduced us to the Doofer, a simple but very well researched cardboard creation keeping your burger mouthful in its rightful place. You can check out Burger Fuel around NZ and we highly recommend you do!

Dunedin has some great spots for burgers. Loyal fans of Patti’s and Cream followed her burger van around the city to enjoy her classic American burgers with the added bonus of delicious ice cream too. Thankfully a bricks and mortar restaurant was on the board and can be found at 412 George Street. Dunedin was the home of RE Burger which now has branches around the country including Grafton where two of the AKL team said was a must to visit. If you’re going to have a RE burger – do the Legend, it’s everything a Kiwi Burger says it should be, including the beetroot!

Burger Wellington keeps the locals and visitors of Wellington elated with themed creative burgers throughout August. Restaurants in Wellington submit their burgers to be judged by Joe Blogs the public and a host of professionals. Winners come in all shapes and sizes but most of all they are inventive, in theme and delicious. The 2023 winner took on the flavour of chef Chetan Pangam’s home town’s street food and resulted in a story in its own right. We can’t wait to see what is on the board for the 2024 festival. 

Our Jono down in ChCh tells us the Beef Brisket Rueben from Smoke ‘n’ Barrel is the place to hit up for your burger fix in Ōtautahi and we’ve all had some great burgers in the Riverside Market. 

Up in the big smoke of Auckland we’re spoilt for choice. My personal favourite (Elle) is anything Crate Kitchen are pumping out of their truck. Usually found at one of the Beer Spots, the venison burger or double venison burger is a mouthful of juice and flavour that I want to repeat over and over again. Kath swear by her neighbourhood Burger Geek up on Symonds Street. Anywhere that does a good smash burger is a winner in my book too and we’re really lucky in Auckland with the likes of . The Bald Man swears by the burger at Hallertau in Riverhead which is our local. It never fails to delight. I’m also a little partial to the Lowbrow McDaddy.

We couldn’t leave The White Lady off this list. The legend that is the oldest food truck in NZ started in 1946 and has been running 365 days until late, since then (well apart from bloody Covid.) The family owned business now has a little food truck on the circuit as well as a fixed base in K Road. They are an institution and I can attest taste just as good at the beginning of the night as they do at the end of one!

Check out the lists on Auckland Iconic Eats and Burger Wellington for other places to celebrate this International Burger Day!

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