Deliciously Drinkable Portland

Fall really is in the air now. Halloween is over, the leaves flamed out and are beginning to drop, leaving most sidewalks in Portland cushioned with various shades of brown. Urban chickens have slowed laying while many of Portland’s artisan food and drink makers are steadily churning away, some switching over to fall-inspired preparations. Fall-time in Portland is associated with rainy day pastimes such as mushroom hunting in the mist-soaked forests of the coast range and then relaxing in your favorite bar, restaurant or at home with something warm in hand. Within the city itself, locals spend time hiking in Forest Park, one of the largest urban forests in the country, escaping to nature – a very typical Oregonian pursuit. Of course, the best way to end an excursion into the woods is with a delicious snack and a hot drink or glass of wine afterward, this is why we went hiking in the first place, isn’t it?! Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to do this in Portland, which is what we’ll be talking about on the blog this month – all things deliciously drinkable! So stay tuned for recipes, tips for great places to get a drink in Portland and a spotlight on the most imbibable seasonal products.
PRO-TIP: Go to Forest Park when you’re here! There are several ways to get into the park, but for a truly Nob Hill experience Portland-style, enter the park by walking or biking up NW Thurman St or parking in the designated parking lot on NW Upshur. Follow the Lower MacLeay trail at the MacLeay Park Entrance one mile up to the Witch’s Castle, as it’s locally known, or up to Pittock Mansion for a bit more of a workout (it’s all uphill from this point, but still only 5 miles round trip). When you get back to the trailhead where you started, walk up the stairs onto NW Thurman and a couple blocks down the street to The Clearing Café & Bakery for a chai latte or glass of wine (and one of their house-made pastries)!
Happy Fall from The Big Foody PDX!

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