The Big Foody’s top 8 ways to indulge in Feijoas

The Big Foody’s top 8 ways to indulge in Feijoas
New to Feijoa’s or looking for ways to use up the kilo’s of them scattered throughout the garden?
Here are out Top 8 favourite ways to indulge in Feijoa’s;
Make a Feijoa Cake
Serve them on top of some Greek Yogurt (for breakfast or dessert) or on top of your cereal.
Smoothies!! Feijoas in smoothies are the best! and can be used as a substitute for bananas in smoothies as they have a very similar consistency.
Make a Feijoa Crumble
Stew them with a little bit of brown sugar and pour them over some Vanilla Ice-Cream for dessert, or Hokey- Pokey ice-cream for a real New Zealand treat!
Jam them – try this fabulous Vanilla and Feijoa jam
Freeze them, so that you can have the above all-year round! (tips on how best to freeze them on our website now).
Join us on a Big Foody Food Tour during the Feijoa season (between March and June) and we will go to the utmost effort to get you sampling Feijoa’s!!
Freshly baked Feijoa Cake – delicious!!

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