Joe-Ann’s First Giapo Experience

Joe-Ann’s First Giapo Experience
Scents of rich dark chocolate waft through the air as I step into Giapo’s entrance, from there one can only be mesmerised by what is not just an ice cream, but a work of edible art. As we are treated to testers of the various most imaginative flavours, one can only trust one’s gut to make a decision on which flavour to go with. With slight hesitation (as one flavour is as good as the next and this decision suddenly seems like a life and death decision) I decide on the Kiwifruit and Coriander sorbet. Yip Kiwifruit and Coriander! Dotted with edamame beans and sprinkled with poppy seeds! As strange as this combination sounds, it is the most rewarding flavour combination that my taste buds could ever have imagined!! The sweetness of the kiwifruit followed by the uniqueness that can only be fresh green coriander and the occasional soft crunch of an edamame bean or poppy seed. An absolute taste rendezvous!! Giapo’s ice creams are crafted to your specific order then and there, and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed, by the taste or its artistic flair.
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