Help! Christmas Ham and Turkey leftovers!

It’s the day after Boxing Day and there is still a whole lot of ham or turkey left. You’ve already eaten ham/ turkey sandwiches 2 meals in a row and you just can’t face another one.
Here are some quick and delicious meal ideas to get you through the leftovers and enjoy them as if they are a whole new meal.
Dice up the ham or turkey and add to scrambled eggs, frittatas and omelettes for some fantastic breakfast ideas. Go all out and add small pieces to homemade hashbrowns.
Add chopped ham or turkey to your favourite pasta bake, macaroni and cheese or scalloped potatoes. Even add diced turkey or ham to a creamy fettuccine or risotto with fresh seasonal produce like courgettes or asparagus.
Feel like getting your bake on? Add chopped ham to Cheese pinwheels and add some chutney and relish for a real special lunch or picnic treat.

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