Five Days of Fun and Friendships

Recipe for a great five days.
10 Australians
1 American
1 Kiwi
1 Minibus

A handful of the following:
Coffee Roaster, organic honey, curd nerd, wine maker, brewer, veggie gardener, oyster shucker and his mrs, food writer and know it all, chef, baker, some wild food, Olive Oil without Popeye,

Generous amounts of :
Good humour, fresh food, great views and sparkling harbour waters.

Using the Kiwi, marinate the Australians and American for 6 months in using a premade mix.

Day one
Begin by soaking in caffeine for an hour. Drain and mix with cheese and a light feed. Leave for a couple of hours. Feed again with cheese, beer, lamb and feijoas. Rest overnight.

Day Two
Sweeten with honey and add a fresh vegetable salsa. Mix wines and soak for an hour. Finish the process for the day adding a little beer and hazelnuts

Day Three
Forage and find wild berries and leaves. Place mix in a water bath in the fresh air. Add an ugly carrot and cover for the day.

Day Four
Long process day. Wake early. Discard the minibus and split into two groups. Mix for one hour. Add foodwriter to the mix and leave with other ingredients in the open air. With care add the oyster shucker and his Mrs. Spread liberally with fresh air and fresh lemon. Light feeding and mix for an hour. Rest on the beach. Feed in a metal container.

Day Five
Separate Kiwi from the rest of the group. Separately leave in a water bath for an hour. Drown in olive oil and wine. Wrap in Pasta and serve.

The end result should look like this.

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