You can’t get much more kiwi that enjoying a Feijoa straight from the tree or purchased at a roadside stand in Autumn.
Very polarising, people either love them or hate them. We have a divide in our household, I absolute love them, like REALLY love them. I’ve successfully introduced them to the adventurous 1 year old who happily attempts to dig at the middle with his spoon, although he generally gives up on attempting that (co-ordination isn’t really his strong point just yet) before biting the skin & screwing up his face! I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it eventually, but unfortunately, the mere whiff of them, sends my partner into a tale spin. Oh well, all the more for me!
I love how versatile they are. The sweetness, the uniqueness, the juiciness. I will go as far to say I think they’re one of my all time favourite fruits. Here are some ideas incase you want to branch out of just cutting (or biting if you are straight under the tree!) and gobbling up the pulpy centres.
Scoop out some Pulp and add to smoothies. My winning combo is a frozen banana, pulp from 3 Feijoas, a splash of Apple Juice and some Soy Milk.
Go nuts with your juicer. You can make fresh juice by putting the entire Feijoa in (the machine will get rid of what it doesn’t need – add with Apple and a handful of Mint – mmmmm….SO refreshing!
Pimp your Apple Crumble with some Feijoa Pulp and then go all out with an Anzac Biscuit crumble topping!
Bake a cake – You can use your favourite Banana Cake or muffin Recipe & substitute out bananas for feijoas – just grate the entire Feijoa, skin n all, I promise you’ll end up with a super moist & delicious creation.
Add to a salsa for extra zing! We love feijoas chopped in with apples, celery and red onion to go with pork chops.
Just get amongst it! There is that crazy time when Feijoas seem like they’re in abundance, you see them everywhere, and you think you have plenty of time to indulge, but then almost as quick as they appeared, the season is over.
We’re trying feijoa everything on the tours at the moment! Feijoa chocolate, feijoa wine, feijoa chutney. Book now you so don’t miss out!!!!!

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