Quick and Super Easy Persimmon Sorbet

Quick and Super Easy Persimmon Sorbet
Persimmons are a super versatile fruit, simply eat them like an apple while still firm, add into salads, use them in cookies and cakes, puddings, curries or make chutneys and relishes or even fruit leather.
One of The Big Foody Food Tours favourite ways to enjoy a Persimmon is this sweet quick and super easy Persimmon sorbet.
Choose some beautifully coloured orange Persimmons, slightly on the ripe side.
Cut the tops off the Persimmons.
Gently cut some criss-cross lines into the top of the Persimmons.
Put the Persimmons into the freezer.
About half an hour prior before planning to devour this delicious treat, take the Persimmons of of the freezer and let defrost.
When the Persimmons have defrosted enough to easily scoop out its contents with a spoon, simply sit down and ENJOY!
Check out the rest of our Persimmon recipes on our blog to freshen up, lighten up and add some up colour to your Autumn meals.

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