About Us

The Big Foody launched in 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand. Started by Elle Armon-Jones, The Big Foody Food Tours are designed to showcase a destination through the eyes of a local and are a delightful and special way to learn, taste, smell and experience your destination. Laura Morgan set up sister company The Big Foody PDX in 2016 The Big Foody PDX launched in 2016 by Laura Morgan. Portland Oregon is another exciting and dynamic food destination bringing another great food city into the mix. Our food tours are led by dedicated food lovers who take pride in showing off hidden gems from their local area. Introducing guests to artisans, brewers, vineyard owners and producers, sharing their history and stories. We have so much fun on our tours and think we have the best job in the world.

About Elle: 

Elle Armon-Jones came to New Zealand as a 23 year old and fell in love with New Zealand through the food and Kiwi "Can do" attitude. A natural entrepreneur with hilarious sense of humour, Elle setup The Big Foody to combine her love of food, people and New Zealand. 

Elle appears regularly on international travel shows promoting New Zealand food and wine and is invited to speak at conferences and events throughout Auckland and New Zealand. 

In late 2016 she and partner Barry took on The Vineyard Cottages in Waimauku - a property with seven luxury one bedroom cottages and an events centre, tucked away amongst the vineyards of North West Auckland. 


About Laura

Like many Portland transplants, Laura Morgan was drawn to the City of Roses by the amazing food and drink that can be found here. Inspired by Oregon’s agricultural bounty, Laura began a small food stand at one of Portland’s bustling neighborhood farmers markets and began to meet industry folks whose hard work and attention to quality triggered a new idea: to bring The Big Foody food tours to Portland. After years spent in both the food and tourism industries, Laura decided it was time to combine the two and help visitors see why this is such a special place.

“There’s so much creativity, so much focus on quality and craftsmanship for Portland’s food and drink makers, and such an innovative array of restaurants, breweries, coffee roasters, and so much more. People all over the world are looking to Portland for high quality food, drink and lifestyle products, from beer, to salt, to coffee and the list goes on. I am truly excited to connect visitors with these experiences and the people and places that make them possible!”

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