The Amazing Taste Race

From NZD 65.00pp

Destination: Auckland, New Zealand

Start: 2pm

Finish: 5pm

Maximum: 30 people

Minimum: 10 people

Has the boss driven the staff to hunger? Great! We have the answer for a tasty and fun event to solve it. Bring some healthy and delicious competition to your next corporate event by treating your staff to “The Amazing Taste Race”. The idea is simple; form your teams and The Big Foody will create challenges for you and your colleagues to complete while racing (on foot) around Auckland's food scene. The Amazing Taste Race will end with the winning team being crowned at a “ceremony” in a local restaurant/café with more food tastings and drinks for you to enjoy.

Challenge examples could include:

  • Find the smelliest cheese
  • Complete and win a blind taste test
  • Source five different types of mushrooms
  • Identify the type of wine from a clean skin wine bottle.
  • Challenges are created specifically for your company’s event so the possibilities for competition, eating and drinking are endless.

Delight your taste buds and get out and see the city's sights along the way. All in the name of food, The Amazing Taste Race will surely be fun and filling! The only conditions are you'll need a smartphone, a sense of humour and a great appetite. 

Bookings from Nov 1st 2020.