Wild Food & Winery Tour

From NZD 365.00pp

Destination: North Canterbury, New Zealand

Start: 9:00am

Finish: 4:00pm

Maximum: 8 people

Minimum: 2 people

Within walking distance of the vineyards is their home, The Food Farm. It’s a permaculture small farm, where they grow all of their own food; from fruit & vegetables to milking cows and pekin ducks. It is also the HQ for their wine brand, Tongue in Groove Wines. Spend a day with Angela as she shows you her family life; from growing their own food, to finding wild delicacies, spending time in the vineyards and sampling their wine. You’ll begin the day on The Food Farm, then you'll see what you can find in the wild spaces. Depending on the time of year this may include mushrooming, learning more about wild greens and weeds, fruit picking or sea shore wandering. If you’re interested in learning even more about wild food they have local professional foragers you can spend an hour with. If it’s truffle season and you’re interested in seeing how a dog finds these underground, highly-prized fungi we have the only truffiere in New Zealand which produces four different types of truffles in our community. Lunch will be spent at one of two different winery restaurants in the region, both of which have a Good Food Awards Hats (the only wine region in New Zealand to have this). Here you’ll learn more about the local food and wine. Finally you'll spend the rest of the afternoon exploring their vineyards and cellars providing a unique opportunity to get beyond the cellar door, and further that most visitors ever get. The day is designed as more than just a tour, but rather a day with the locals and a unique glimpse into our food and wine lives.

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